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Poetry Friday: Dreaming of Creeks and Deer

Anthony Flesch

Oak Creek in Sedona is one of the most spectacular and special riparian habitats in the Southwest. It’s home to many aquatic and earthly creatures, and it’s a favorite hiking spot for Anthony Flesch, this week’s Poetry Friday reader. His quick, original poem “Deer Bed” will make you want to spend the day by the meandering creek.

"Deer Bed," by Anthony Flesch

I found

a deer bed

by the creek –

last year’s dead and dried


intermingled with the

neon green of

the new spring


crushed down

into a springy


The sun was shining;

I lay down

where the deer lie,

and fancied I could

feel their deery energy,

their ungulate vibe,

trapped somehow

in the grasses

where they lay.

It’s a blustery, cool

day, but the sun

shines warm

on me

as I dream dreams

of does…

If you’d like to read a published poem, or submit an original work for consideration, drop an email to Gillian at

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