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Havasupai Waterfalls Closed Through August After Flooding

National Park Service

Havasu Falls, a popular hiking and camping destination on the Havasupai reservation in the Grand Canyon, will be closed to visitors until the end of August.

The Havasupai Tribal Council announced Tuesday the site will be closed through Aug. 31 due to flood damage.

Tribal officials previously said it expected the attraction would close for seven to 10 days after flash flooding on July 11 and 12 forced the evacuation of about 200 tourists by helicopter.

Travelers from around the world compete each year for a camping reservation. It is a 10-mile (16.1-kilometer) hike from the trailhead to the campground, which is between two of the signature waterfalls, Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls.

Tourists with upcoming camping reservations or room reservations at the 24-room Havasupai Lodge in Supai will have to reschedule. Refunds will not be given.

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