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Flagstaff Police Investigate Hate Crime at Local Synagogue

Flagstaff Police Department

Flagstaff Police are investigating a hate crime at a local synagogue. 

Over the weekend, vandals broke into the Chabad of Flagstaff Synagogue on University Avenue and etched and painted swastikas into walls and windows.

Flagstaff Police Sargent Charles Hernandez says in his time with the force, he’s rarely seen targeted vandalism like this. 

“This is a little bit alarming to say the least. It is being treated as a hate crime, and we want to try and prevent any further incidents like this.”

Police say the vandals broke into cans of paint already at the site and drew swastikas, leaving fingerprints at the scene which police are testing.

The vandals also broke several power tools while there.

Police ask anyone with information to contact them or silent witness.


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