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Political Sign Ban Goes Into Effect in Prescott

City of Prescott

Political signs are now banned from public land in two areas around Prescott.

The ban applies to government-owned land along State Route 89 from Prescott Airport to Watson Lake and around downtown Prescott, areas frequented by tourists.

Prescott Mayor Pro Tem Billie Orr says many in the city felt the number of political signs got out of control during the last election.

“We don’t really like to have a lot of rules in Prescott, we’re a pretty freedom-loving place," she says. "But at the same time, it was really trashing up our downtown.”

Signs are still allowed on private property, and the ban does not apply to a-frame signs that businesses put on sidewalks to attract passersby.

Orr says the zones will soon have their first test. City Council elections are coming up later this year.

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