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Judge Upholds Prenuptial Contract in Divorce of Newspaper Owner

A judge has upheld a prenuptial agreement between an Arizona newspaper publisher and his wife.

Joseph Soldwedel and Felice Soldwedel have been locked in a bitter divorce case that included allegations of poisoning.

Joseph Soldwedel had asked a judge to invalidate a prenuptial agreement that guarantees his wife $900,000 if they divorce. He also wanted the marriage annulled, saying his wife married him only for his money.

A judge earlier this month denied Soldwedel's claims, upholding the marriage and the prenuptial agreement.

The Soldwedels have been married since September 2010. Felice Soldwedel filed for divorce in April 2017.

Joseph Soldwedel, who runs Western News and Info Inc., repeatedly has claimed she tried to poison him. She calls his claims ludicrous, and authorities have cleared her of any wrongdoing.

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