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Report: 22 Clergy Accused of Sexual Abuse Had Assignments in Northern Arizona

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Twenty-two Catholic clergy members who had assignments in Northern Arizona have been publicly accused of sexual abuse. That’s according to a recent report from a law firm that advocates for victims. KNAU’s Zac Ziegler reports:

Of the 22 identified, 18 are dead, one is in prison for sexual abuse, and the whereabouts of three are not definitively known.

Jeff Anderson is with Anderson and Associates, the firm that released the report.

“There has not been a full accounting by the Catholic Diocese in Phoenix of all the names that should have been disclosed by the Catholic Bishops past and present.”

The Diocese of Phoenix issued a statement, saying it’s reviewing the report, and that none of the accused are in active ministry in Arizona.

It encourages victims to come forward and contact law enforcement.

Accused clergy have been in Northern Arizona since 1951 and as recently as 2008, across more than two dozen communities including Flagstaff, Prescott, Jerome and Leupp.

The report can be found here.

A database assembled by KNAU of accused clergy, the church, city and years in which they served and other information is available below, or can be viewed here.

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