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Arizona Court Rules Against Inmate On Release Of Prison File

Arizona Department of Corrections

An Arizona court has ruled that an inmate awaiting trial in a prison killing in Tucson isn't entitled to an unredacted copy of the Department of Corrections file on his gang membership.

  The state Court of Appeals' decision Wednesday overturns a trial judge's ruling that the department had to provide the file on inmate Tim Weaver to Weaver to help his defense in the homicide case.

Weaver was one of four inmates charged in the 2017 killing of inmate Joseph Zawacki.

The department redacted the names of certain inmates and their relatives when it disclosed Weaver's file to his lawyers, and a prison official said disclosing that information would endanger members of the public.

The Court of Appeals agreed that disclosing the identities of past gang members would endanger them.

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