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Train Derailment East Of Flagstaff Reported With No Injuries


An investigation continues to determine why a freight train derailed early Monday morning east of Flagstaff.   Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Officials say the incident happened shortly after 5 a.m. Monday when a freight train derailed 26 miles east of Flagstaff near the Twin Arrows casino.

Authorities say there were no injuries and no reports of chemical spills or hazardous waste issues involved with the derailment. BNSF officials say the train had 14 cars.

The tracks were shutdown causing some traffic jams on that stretch of rail line Monday.

BNSF officials say Amtrak passengers were taken by bus to Flagstaff to connect to trains there for later departures.  Amtrak uses the lines for travel between Los Angeles and Chicago.

It’s not clear whether the tracks are re-open for transport Tuesday and what extent the rails may need to be repaired to facilitate safe travel this week.

But, local media outlets have been reporting the tracks will remain closed “indefinitely.”