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Group Launches Petition Drive Against Renewable Energy Law In New Mexico

An advocacy group that supports New Mexico’s traditional energy industry has started a petition drive aimed at a new state law that mandates more electricity be generated from renewable resources.

The group “Power the Future” rolled out its petition Thursday. The group’s western states director, Larry Behrens, says he wants New Mexico’s elected leaders to know that residents are concerned about what he described as job-killing policies related to the Energy Transition Act. The group contends the law was written by radical environmentalists and out of-state special interests.

Environmentalists have fired back, saying Power the Future itself is funded by outside industry groups.

Aside from mandating that utilities provide emissions-free electricity by 2045, the law charts a course for the closure of the coal-fired San Juan Generating Station near Farmington in the Four Corners region by 2022.

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