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Lyft Opposes Fee Hike, Plans To End Phoenix Airport Rideshare Service

The rideshare company Lyft is planning to end service to and from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in January over proposed fee increases.

The current fee is $2.66 for pickup only. Last month, the Phoenix City Council voted to charge companies such as Uber and Lyft a $4 fee for each ride to and from the airport starting in 2020. The rate would increase 25 cents each year until it reaches $5 for pick-up and $5 for drop off by 2024.

In a letter to the Phoenix Aviation Department, Lyft executive Bakari Block says the company is obligated to prevent the unfair penalization of their drivers and riders by ceasing operations at the airport beginning in January.

The Phoenix City Council will consider the fee increase again on December 18th.

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