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APS To Repay Customers Over Plan Comparison Tool

The Arizona Public Service Company is planning to refund thousands of customers who are not on the cheapest rate plan after its online comparison tool provided inaccurate calculations since February, company officials announced.

The utility company filed a letter Tuesday with the Arizona Corporation Commission about giving customers credit on their bills, officials said.

APS did not say how much money customers would receive but that it would be based on major differences in how plans charge customers, officials said.

“The credit will be equal to the difference between what they have paid since switching plans and what they would have paid had they been on their most economical plan,” APS told state regulators in a letter.

The utility confirmed last week that an online price rate comparison tool was wrongly encouraging customers to switch to more expensive plans based on incorrect information, officials said.

APS still hasn't figured out what went wrong with the tool developed by a company called GridX, spokeswoman Jenna Rowell told The Arizona Republic.

APS said it only learned of the tool’s inaccuracies Nov. 15, in a letter from Commissioner Justin Olson.

That tool was removed from their website, company officials said.

APS is expected to alert affected customers and notify others they are on the most economical rate, officials said.

The company has made plans to launch a new comparison tool this week, in addition to a customer education campaign targeting those who switched plans, officials said.

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