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Report: Utah Saw Large Population Growth Over Past Decade

Utah experienced a significant increase in its population over the past decade, according to a new University of Utah report.

The university’s Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute released analysis Monday that found the growth was especially strong in Utah County. The institute based its analysis on census data, tracking Utah’s population growth since 2010.

The institute found Utah County’s population increase led the state at 26.1% with the addition of 134,845 people since 2010, bringing its population to more than 651,000.

Salt Lake County had a 12% increase of 123,305 people over the decade, trailing its southern neighbor in Utah County by 11,540 fewer new residents, officials said.

Utah’s population is now at 3.2 million people, officials said.

Gardner institute researchers found almost half of new residents in the past year moved from other states or from abroad, contributing almost 25,000 people.

The institute found Utah County’s burgeoning technology industry and more affordable homes are partially responsible for drawing newcomers, whereas births previously drove population increases in the county known for large families.

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