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Prescott Man Who Recovered WWII Airmen Remains Under Investigation

A Prescott man is under federal investigation after an expedition to the Himalayas to recover the remains of the crew of a B-25 bomber that was shot down in World War II.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that Clayton Kuhles was met by federal agents when he returned to the United States with small plastic bags containing what he said were human remains. 

The Dispatch reports that the remains should have been taken to the U.S. Embassy in India for testing. Once verified and identified, they would be placed in a flag-draped coffin and flown home.


Kuhles says that Indian officials checked his bags before he left the country and that he was cleared to leave.


Two of the airmen were from Marysville, Ohio, where Kuhles had sought donations for his operation.

State documents list Kuhles as the president of M.I.A. Recoveries, Inc. 


The nonprofit’s website says it locates missing U.S. military aircraft and returns remains to families.

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