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Arizona's Presidential Preference Election Scheduled To Continue During Coronavirus Outbreak


Despite the global Coronavirus pandemic, Arizona election officials say Tuesday’s Democratic presidential preference election is scheduled to take place.

Officials say they've worked around the clock to consolidate polling places, line up backup poll workers or open emergency voting centers where people can cast a ballot early. In some areas, poll workers will collect absentee ballots directly from cars so people don't have enter a public building to turn them in.

Elections officials say they are training poll workers how to clean polling stations and commonly used handrails and objects expected to be touched repeatedly by voters and poll workers to slow the spread of the virus.

Coconino County Recorder Patty Hansen’s office says voters in Coconino County will again have the option of casting their ballots at one of three vote centers on Election Day instead of their precinct-assigned polling place. The vote centers are: NAU Walkup Skydome, Flagstaff; Flagstaff Mall (next to Dillard’s), Flagstaff; and the Tuba City High School Warrior Pavilion, Tuba City.

Precincts that have 300 or less registered Democrats are voting by mail in Coconino County.

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