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Parents Of Children Who Died In Tonto Creek Face Criminal Charges

The parents of children who died after they were swept away by floodwaters on Tonto Creek in Gila County last year are facing criminal charges.

Daniel and Lena Rawlings face charges in connection with the deaths of the 3 children on November 29 after they were swept away when the truck they were in was trying to cross surging flood waters.

Phoenix media report that Daniel Rawlings, the father of the Colby and Willa Rawlings, is being charged with 10 counts of reckless manslaughter and child or vulnerable adult abuse.

They report court records show the mother, Lacey Rawlings, is facing seven counts of child or vulnerable adult abuse.

Signs were posted at Tonto Creek at the time warning people not to try to drive across the river when flooding was apparent.

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