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Order Requires Travelers Into Utah To Declare COVID-19 Symptoms


Utah Governor Gary Herbert said travelers coming into his state will be required to identify themselves and report any coronavirus symptoms as they arrive.

He said highways in Utah will be “geofenced” at the five most common entry points so drivers get a text message through a federal wireless emergency alert system asking them to fill out an online form if they are staying in the state.

At the Salt Lake International Airport, people will hand out cards with QR code linking to the form starting Friday. The form will have people identify themselves and report their recent travels as well as any symptoms.

People who could spread the virus will be asked to self-quarantine and possibly get tested.

The effort will get federal funding, and the information will stored in a secure Utah Department of Health database.

More than 1,800 people have tested positive for Coronavirus in Utah and there have been 13 deaths.

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