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Play Us A Tune: Tony The Pony

Deb Hilton

During this time of separation, there is one thing that can unite nearly all humans on the planet…music. KNAU’s All Things Considered host, Deb Hilton, is also a longtime professional musician. She and her husband, Brad Munds, have been making music together for years, and they miss their weekend shows and playing for dancing crowds. In this week’s installment of our series Play Us A Tune, Deb and Brad perform an original song called Tony the Pony. 

DH: Hi, my name is Deb Hilton, and I play the upright electric bass.

BM: Hi, I’m Brad Munds. I’m Deb’s husband.

DH: He plays the guitar.

Well, pre-pandemic we were playing gigs every weekend. We miss it terribly. It’s just a little hole in our heart that we’re feeling. So, we’ve been doing Facebook Live stuff pretty much every night which has been a trip in and of itself.

BM: Yeah. Getting a lot of stuff done around the house. Lots of naps.

DH: Yep. Little bit of laundry. Catching up.

BM: Ok, we are gonna play you a tune. This is a song that we made up. It’s called Tony. It’s about a pony.

This segment of Play Us a Tune was produced by KNAU's Gillian Ferris. If you are a recently unemployed musician who would like to play us a tune, send Gillian an email inquiry at

Gillian Ferris was the News Director and Managing Editor for KNAU.