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Navajo Officials See Drop In COVID-19 Cases But Say Peak Is Still To Come

Navajo Nation Police Department

The Navajo Epidemiology Center says it’s seen a decrease in coronavirus cases in recent days, but infections on the reservation have not yet peaked.

Tribal leaders have put nightly curfews, shelter-in-place and mask-wearing requirements in place and have limied on large gatherings. They say the measures have contributed to the slowing of infections. The Navajo Nation also begins another 57-hour-long weekend curfew this evening.

“We are seeing good signs that the virus is beginning to slow, but we need to keep our guard up and continue staying home as much as possible,” said Navajo Vice President Myron Lizer. “Last weekend, we have over 100 citations issued for curfew violators. Let’s strive to improve this number by complying with the curfew and holding our family and friends accountable. President Nez and I are praying for all of our people each day, especially for those who have contracted the virus and for the families who have lost loved ones. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.”

The tribe reported 1,360 known cases Thursday and 52 deaths attributed to the disease. The numbers are roughly evenly split between men and women and the average age for those infected in 48.

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