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Fleas Test Positive For Plague In Coconino County

Coconino County Health and Human Services says fleas have tested positive for plague in the Baderville area northwest of Flagstaff.

County staff notified residents and treated burrows and will also closely monitor the area for the disease.

It’s the first confirmed case of plague in fleas this year in the county, but officials say there are likely more locations with the infection because it is endemic to Coconino County. Health staff will continue to collect and test flea samples throughout the area.

Plague is a potentially serious disease that can be transmitted to humans through a flea bite or contact with infected animals like rodents, rabbits and predators that feed on other animals. The public is encouraged to avoid rodent burrows and keep dogs on leashes in order to limit exposure.

Plague is curable with antibiotics if it is diagnosed and treated early.

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