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AZ COVID-19 Cases Surge, Setting Care Records

Arizona's overall total of confirmed COVID-19 cases is approaching 53,000, with more than 1,300 known deaths. Additional cases continue to set daily records for hospitalizations,  ventilator use and intensive care beds. 

Arizona continues to be a national hot spot for the virus since Governor Doug Ducey lifted his stay-at-home orders in May. State health officials attribute the spiking case numbers to increased testing a community spread.

On Friday, Arizona saw its highest-one-day case total so far, with nearly 3,300 new cases. Saturday, more than 3,100 cases were reported. Cities statewide have implemented requirements to wear face coverings in public to try and limit the spread of the virus. National Guard Troops are also working throughout the state on contact tracing. 

The Navajo Department of Health reports 69 newly confirmed cases of coronavirus and 4 more known deaths Saturday, with 27 positive cases and 1 more known death Sunday. There are now close to 7,000 known positive cases of the virus on the Navajo Nation and 334 known deaths. Tribal officials say preliminary reports show more than 3,600 have recovered from the virus with more reports pending. 

The Navajo Nation has resumed weekend lockdowns due to the alarming number of new positive cases in the state.