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COVID-19 Update For AZ, Navajo, Hopi


Cases of coronavirus and related hospitalizations continue to rise in Arizona, with more than 1,300 known deaths reported. The Navajo Nation has reinstated weekend lockdowns aimed at slowing the spread, and the Hopi Tribe is telling people to wear face coverings in public. 

The Navajo Department of Health reported 55 new cases of coronavirus Monday, with no additional deaths on the Navajo Nation. That pushes the known number of positive cases to just over 7,000. 335 individuals have died from the virus. Tribal officials say more than 3,700 people have recovered from COVID-19. The Navajo Nation has resumed weekend lockdowns and business closures in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus while cases increase in areas off the Nation. 

The Hopi Department of Health and Human Services is urging tribal members, residents and visitors to wear face coverings when in public. Hopi Chairman Timonthy Nuvangyaoma, in a statement issued yesterday, says mandating face coverings is a relief to some and a frustration to others, but the "most important idea is to have the respect to protect others, our elders and families." 

The Hopi Health Care Center has tested more than 1,900 patients to date. At least 221 tests have come back positive. The Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation reported 20 positive tests for Hopi Villages, with a combined number of 170 positive tests for tribal members. Polacca and Songoopavi have the highest number of confirmed cases.

President Trump is expected to visit Arizona today for a border tour in Yuma and a campaign rally in Phoenix. Both cities and counties have ordered people to wear masks in public. The trip comes as Arizona remains a hot spot for coronavirus cases, deaths and hospitalizations.