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Navajo Tribe Objects To Family Dollar Application To Sell Alcohol

The Navajo Nation tribal government is objecting to a notice of application to sell alcohol in a Family Dollar store in St. Michaels, Arizona.

President Jonathan Nez and Vice-President Myron Lizer issued a statement saying the application poses a direct threat of the health and safety of the Navajo Nation. "Our Navajo People have a long, ongoing battle with alcohol and the devastation that alcoholism causes to our families and communities," the statement says. Nez asked the Apache County Board of Supervisors and the Arizona State Liquor Board to deny the application, and encouraged Navajos to boycott Family Dollar stores.

The Apache County Board of Supervisors scheduled a hearing on the issue on July 28.

In April, Navajo tribal government objected to another application for a liquor license by the Family Dollar store located in Tuba City, Arizona.