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Navajo Officials Urge Residents To Stay Home As Cases Decline


Navajo Nation officials continue to urge residents not to travel off the reservation in order to limit the spread of COVID-19.

They say positive cases on the Navajo Nation are declining amid a significant spike statewide in Arizona.

"The Navajo Nation’s travel advisory for off Nation travel remains in effect for all residents, so everyone is expected to adhere to it,” said President Jonathan Nez. “Staying home, wearing a face mask, cleaning and disinfecting, and avoiding large gatherings has helped minimize the spread of coronavirus in the Navajo Nation. The number of positive cases is decreasing, and there are more recoveries each day, and it gives us hope that we are safer and alert. Let's continue to practice all preventative measures and don't back down from the fight against COVID-19."

The tribe put another 57-hour curfew in place over weekend and Sunday reported 55 new known cases of the virus. More than 360 people have died on the reservation and nearly 7,500 total cases have been reported. More than 5,000 people have recovered.

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