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AZ Resident Asks Judge To Keep Kayne West Off Nov. Ballot, Says He's An Election Spoiler


An Arizona resident has asked a judge to bar Kanye West from appearing on Arizona’s November 3rd ballot. Rasean Clayton accuses the hip hop artist of serving as an election spoiler.

Clayton’s attorneys say independent presidential candidates can appear on Arizona’s ballot if they aren’t registered with a recognized party and gather enough voter signatures to nominate them. They say West isn’t qualified to run because he’s a registered Republican. West’s attorney, Tim LaSota, said it was hyperbole to claim his client wants to be a spoiler against Democratic nominee Joe Biden. LaSota on Wednesday reported filing just under 58,000 signatures, well over the roughly 39,000 required for independent candidates to make the ballot. A similar lawsuit has been filed in Virginia in attempt to keep Kanye West off the ballot in that state.