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Arizona Minimum Wage Increases To $12.15 An Hour, Flagstaff's To $15

AP Photo/Mike Groll

Arizona’s minimum wage has increased from $12 to $12.15 an hour. The law took effect on New Year's Day. In Flagstaff, wages increased to $15 an hour.

KSAZ-TV reported Wednesday that Arizona is among 21 states that have increased their minimum wages in 2021. Last year, Arizona’s minimum wage went from $11 to $12 hour. The minimum wage has increased every year since 2017, when the minimum was $10 an hour. The wage increases have been done as a result of Proposition 206, which voters approved in 2016. Flagstaff’s new $15 wage is the result of a city proposition passed by voters in 2016 and amended by the city council in 2017.

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