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Coconino County Officials Express Frustration At Pace Of Vaccinations

Frank Augstein/AP

Coconino County health officials say their COVID-19 vaccination efforts are still being hampered by the lack of available doses.

The county and other medical facilities can currently administer 1,300 vaccines a day but give fewer than 400 daily because of limited supply. Coconino County InterimHealth and Human Services Director Kim Musselman says it’s difficult to anticipate how many appointments to make available because officials can’t predict the number of does they’ll receive from the federal government.

“Our County response team and partners have done a great job at building capacity to vaccinate our community quickly. For all of us, the biggest frustration is the lack of vaccine supply which renders us unable to procure and administer the number of doses demanded by our community. We cannot schedule appointments and give people a shot until a dependable schedule of vaccine delivery is made available to the County,” Musselman said in a press release. 

Coconino County receives less than 1,500 doses a week and demand for vaccine is far exceeding supply.

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