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Senate Ethics Panel To Mull Complaint Against GOP Senator


The Arizona Senate’s Ethics Committee is set to consider whether a complaint against a Republican lawmaker merits discipline.

The meeting scheduled Tuesday comes after a report into allegations made by an assistant to Sen. Wendy Rogers found little corroboration for some of his complaints.

But the Senate attorney who investigated the allegations found backing for his contention that she raised her voice and cursed during a heated confrontation in her office.

The panel could dismiss the complaint or recommend the full Senate impose discipline that could include expulsion. That would be a rare step taken only once in recent history, when GOP Rep. Don Shooter was expelled in 2018 following allegations of a pattern of inappropriate sexual comments to women.

Rogers was accused by her former legislative assistant in January of berating him, making comments about his weight and other issues. Michael Polloni Jr. also accused the state senator of taking his belongings, breaking an Eagle Scout plaque and later cursing at him during a heated tirade. He was fired that day.

Rogers has called the allegations “a complete fabrication” but acknowledged raising her voice during that episode. A witness confirmed that she heard Rogers repeatedly raise her voice and at one point use a curse word while telling Polloni that he worked for her.

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