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Pay Raises Set To Kick In Next Week For Many Federal Firefighters

U.S. Forest Service

The Biden Administration today announced plans to boost pay for nearly 15,000 federal firefighters employed by the U.S. Forest Service and Interior Department. The L.A. Times reports the pay increase will take effect next week and affect approximately 75% of the nation’s federal wildland firefighting personnel. In June, President Biden promised the increase to ensure that no federal firefighter makes less than $15 an hour. New hires typically earn less than $13 an hour. Year-round and seasonal firefighters, as well as retired staff who come back as volunteers, are eligible for the raise. Frontline seasonal firefighters will receive a $1,300 bonus. Longer-term staffing solutions are included in the $1-trillion infrastructure plan passed last week by the Senate. If approved by the House, some $600 million would be set aside to increase federal firefighters’ pay.