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COVID-19 Case Update: 10th Straight Day Over 2,000 New Cases

Arizona’s daily coronavirus case count and hospitalizations remained above 2,000 for the 10th straight day. Nearly 2,500 confirmed cases and 62 deaths were reported Thursday on the state’s coronavirus dashboard. Citing staff shortages, hospital officials say they’re stressed by the recent influx of coronavirus cases. That makes it difficult to patients needing other medical reasons. The state has registered more than a million confirmed cases and over 19,000 deaths from the virus. More than 56% of the state’s eligible population has been partially or fully vaccinated. 

Meanwhile, Navajo County reported more than 740 new COVID-19 cases during the month of August. County data shows more than 93% of coronavirus-related hospitalizations last month were among unvaccinated individuals. 
And in Mohave County, health officials reported nearly 290 new cases over the Labor Day weekend between Friday and Tuesday morning. According to data released Wednesday, more than 27 percent of the cases recorded were among individuals under the age of 20. State data shows more than 42 percent of eligible Mohave County residents have been vaccinated, falling below the state average of more than 56 percent. Daily vaccination rates, however, remain steady, according to health officials.