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US Southwest hits impressive rainfall during summer monsoon

AP Photo/Peter Prengaman, File

Cities across the U.S. Southwest logged impressive rainfall totals this summer, bringing much-needed but temporary relief to a region that's been mired in drought.


The annual rainy period known as “the monsoon” ended Thursday with widespread precipitation across New Mexico and Arizona, including snow in higher elevations. Some areas marked their wettest monsoon on record, while others were above average.

The Flagstaff area’s monsoon totals were between 10 and 12 inches while some areas near Prescott reached 15 inches or more, and parts of the White Mountains saw up to 16 inches of rain.

The Four Corners area generally was below average for rainfall. A dry winter could be in store for the region. Forecasters say they’re expected a weather pattern that typically means less snowpack that rivers and streams rely on.

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