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Earth Notes: Chicken Coop/Compost Rebate Program

A chicken coop that resembles a red barn with white trim
Melissa Sevigny
Chicken coops

If you’re one of those people who longs to have chickens in your backyard and fresh eggs in the skillet, Flagstaff is offering a little scratch as an incentive.

The city’s Sustainability Office has just launched a chicken coop and composter rebate program. Purchase of a prefab chicken coop, a composting system, or both, will earn up to a one hundred dollar rebate.

The coops can be stationary or movable, but need to be fenced and offer adequate shelter for the birds. Coops can be anything from small basic accommodations to larger, more elaborate condo-style affairs, in all price ranges.

The idea is that the coops and the composters work together--with the natural fertilizer produced from the chickens mixed into a composting bin, to yield rich soil amendments for gardens. The setup reduces food waste too, and that means less going into the landfill.

The program is modeled after a similar one in Austin, Texas. Flagstaff is trying it out as a pilot, on a first-come, first-serve basis to individuals, households, schools, and educational nonprofits.

Anyone interested must first complete a Backyard Animal Keeping Permit, which regulates the number of hens based on property size; space and location of the coop; healthful, humane conditions; and other requirements.

The Sustainability Office will also offer educational workshops and demonstrations at the upcoming Earth Day celebration and into the summer.

For more information and to apply, go to

Rose Houk is a Flagstaff-based writer and editor, specializing in natural history and environmental topics.  Rose was a founding contributor of KNAU's Earth Notes and has written nearly 200 scripts for the series. She is also the author of many publications about national park and monuments, along with audio productions. 

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