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Court ruling extends uneven treatment for asylum-seekers

AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills
Migrants from Cuba rest after crossing the Rio Grande river in Eagle Pass, Texas, Sunday May 22, 2022. Little has changed in what has quickly become one of the busiest corridors for illegal border crossings since a federal judge blocked pandemic-related limits on seeking asylum from ending Monday.

In one of the busiest corridors for illegal border crossings, Cubans, Colombians and Venezuelans are often released to pursue asylum in the United States.

Meanwhile, Hondurans struggle to be allowed to pursue asylum after entering the country.

The opposite fortunes illustrate the dual nature of border enforcement under pandemic-era limits on seeking asylum, known as Title 42 authority.

President Joe Biden wanted to end them Monday, but a federal judge in Louisiana issued a nationwide injunction that keeps them intact.

Some nationalities are heavily affected by Title 42, while others aren't.