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Museum Fire flood siren to be tested Friday

The 2019 Museum Fire burned in the Dry Lake Hills north of Flagstaff and caused destructive flooding in some neighborhoods last summer.

Local officials on Friday will test a siren designed to alert people in the Museum Fire flood area.

The siren is set to be tested at full volume Friday from 12–2 p.m. in the afternoon and include an alarm sound followed by a voice message repeated three times in both English and Spanish.

It’ll conclude with a wind-down siren sound.

Officials say the process may repeat several times and the test may be postponed because of weather or wildfire.

The system is meant to provide supplemental alerts to people in the Grandview Homes and Sunnyside neighborhoods.

The sirens are triggered if three-quarters of an inch of rain falls in 15 minutes over the burn scar.

All residents are also encouraged to also sign up for emergency alerts.