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Coconino County issues guidelines for flooding preparedness and mitigation as fire evacuees return home


Coconino County officials have released guidelines regarding flood preparedness and mitigation efforts by the County Flood Control District for areas impacted by the Pipeline and Haywire Fires.

Residents may already be familiar with the “Ready, Set, Go” wildfire system of preparedness and evacuation. For the risk of flooding, a similar system of “Ready, Set, Shelter” is helpful to prepare for and respond to flood events, according to county officials.

Residents are urged to sign up for Emergency Alerts with Coconino County, purchase flood insurance, place important documents and other valuables in a location at least 2 feet off the ground, clear debris from roof gutters, downspouts and drains so water can flow and drain properly, create sandbag walls around their property and shelter in place should flooding occur.

Coconino County officials say due to limited timeframe and resources, the District and its partners are not able to assist with production and placement of sandbags at individual homes except for the elderly and disabled at this time.

Residents whose homes are identified for flood mitigation and who are elderly or disabled and cannot secure assistance through family or friends, must please contact the Call Center at 928-679-8525 and request assistance.

Coconino County Flood Control District will continue to use the 24/7 rainfall monitoring and flood alert system for the Shultz Flood and Museum Flood Area.

Much more information is available on the county's website, in English and Spanish, at

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