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New Mexico expands abortion access as influx of people from neighboring states seek healthcare


New Mexico is experiencing a steady influx of people seeking abortions from neighboring states with more restrictive healthcare laws.

One of the largest abortion care providers in Texas is planning to move its operations to New Mexico. Austin-based Whole Woman's Health announced Wednesday that it's looking for a state line location to open a new clinic.

And a California-based tele-health provider that offers services related to abortion and reproductive healthcare is expanding its footprint in New Mexico as well.

The state has a Democratic-led legislature and governor and recently moved to protect providers and patients from out-of-state prosecutions related to abortion care.

The U.S. Supreme Court's landmark abortion ruling overturning Roe v. Wade is prompting efforts in pro-choice states to protect providers and patients who have traveled there for a legal procedure.

Governors in at least a dozen states have taken action this year by refusing to cooperate with other states' law enforcement actions regarding abortion. They're also looking for ways to protect their residents from lawsuits that could arise from providing abortions to people from states where they're banned or severely restricted.

Some progressive cities in conservative states are also considering telling law enforcement to make abortion-related crimes their lowest priority.