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Musical in the works celebrating iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo in a Tehuna costume with her pet hawk, 1939
Photo by Nickolas Muray
Frida Kahlo in a Tehuna costume with her pet hawk, 1939

Famed artist Frida Kahlo will be the subject of an upcoming musical. “Frida, The Musical” will follow Kahlo’s journey from Mexico City to Paris, New York and back home again to the house of her birth.

Her family authorized development of the musical as a way to showcase the extraordinary life of the 20th century artist. They hope it inspires women everywhere to have courage and fight for their dreams.

Kahlo faced many adversities during her life, including sexism and years of physical suffering following a debilitating bus accident. Some of her most famous paintings are self-portraits depicting the pain caused by a metal rod that pierced her midsection.

Kahlo is widely celebrated as one of Mexico’s most talented painters. She died in 1954 at the age of 47.

“Frida, The Musical” is in the early stages of planning with the first workshop slated for 2023.