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U.S. Senate confirms Roselyn Tso as head of Indian Health Services

Office of the President and Vice President
The Navajo Nation
Roselyn Tso, the new director of the Indian Health Services, poses with Navajo Nationa President Jonathan Nez.

The U.S. Senate officially confirmed Roselyn Tso as the next director of the Indian Health Services Wednesday.

Tso is a member of the Navajo Nation and began her career with the IHS in 1984. She has led the Navajo-area IHS since 2019 and previously served in multiple leadership positions with the agency in the Portland area.

She will oversee the delivery of healthcare services to more than 2.6 million Native Americans and Alaska Natives.

Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez applauded the decision, calling it a “historic achievement” for “Navajo people and tribal nations across the country.”

As the director, Tso pledged to strengthen and streamline healthcare services, improve tribal consultation and boost accountability within IHS operations during her confirmation hearing.