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Arizona counties face deadline to certify 2022 election

Ballot verification
Matt York
AP Photo
An election worker verifies a ballot on a screen inside the Maricopa County Recorders Office, Nov. 10, 2022, in Phoenix. Six Arizona counties will decide Monday, Nov. 28, whether to certify 2022 election results.

Six Arizona counties — including Coconino County — will decide Monday whether to certify 2022 election results.

Some Republicans are pushing officials not to officially approve a vote count that had Democrats winning for U.S. Senate, governor and other statewide races.

Election results have largely been certified without issue in jurisdictions across the country. That’s not been the case in Arizona, which was a hotbed for efforts by former President Donald Trump and his allies to overturn the the 2020 election and push false narratives of fraud.

Two Republican-controlled Arizona counties have voted not to certify. They deferred a final decision until Monday, the last day it’s allowed under state law.