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Grand Canyon high school science teacher awarded STEM grant for classroom technology development
Forrest Radarian, a high school science teacher in the Grand Canyon Unified School District, is one of 10 teachers awarded a STEM grant for classroom technology development.

A teacher in the Grand Canyon School District has been chosen as one of 10 recipients of a grant focusing on science, technology, engineering and math.

Forrest Radarian will receive a thousand dollars in technology and professional development from Vernier Science Education.

A panel of educators selected the winners of the grant from more than 400 submissions. They were judged on how they would implement the technology in their classroom or lab. The panel also considered the educational needs of the schools and how the funding would enhance the teachers’ instruction.

Radarian teaches at the district's high school. He’s also a long-distance gravel bicyclist and designed a bike-packing route around the Grand Canyon called Capes of the Canyon.