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Coconino County prepares for series of severe winter storms


Coconino County officials are gearing up for a series of highly impactful winter storms in the region over the next several days.

They say high winds tonight and Wednesday could cause power outages and that the public should prepare by stocking up on non-perishable food, baby formula, pet supplies and medications, and to have battery operated radios, flashlights and extra batteries.

Officials also warn people not to use propane stoves or grills indoors for heat or cooking because of possible carbon dioxide poisoning.

In addition, the county has closed a seven-mile stretch of Lake Mary Road because of predicted high winds and possible drifting snow and have prepared emergency warming shelters in partnership with the American Red Cross.

The locations will be announced when and if the shelters are needed. Officials recommend signing up for emergency alerts at

Three to four winter storms are forecast to move into northern Arizona beginning Tuesday night when extreme winds of up to 60 miles per hour are possible along with whiteout conditions.

Coconino officials say snowplows and graders are being staged to begin clearing snow from county roads as soon as the snow begins Tuesday night.