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Arizona Game and Fish euthanize three mountain lions near Prescott


The Arizona Game and Fish Department have removed three mountain lions considered a public safety threat to a northwest Prescott neighborhood.

The mountain lions were part of a group of four that have been seen in Prescott over the past few weeks and are believed to be responsible for killing several pet dogs.

Officials say they were a threat to public safety because they had been spotted near homes and people and appeared to be less fearful of people. They were also seen exhibiting aggressive behavior.

The mountain lion killed on Sunday was estimated to be a 3- to 5-year-old adult female, while the two others were likely adult-sized offspring. Officers continue to search for the fourth mountain lion.

They say relocation wasn’t an option as it would just move the problem to a different area.

Anyone who observes an aggressive mountain lion should contact Arizona Game and Fish dispatch at 623-236-7201.