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City of Williams halts future construction due to wastewater limitations

The Williams City Council unanimously approved a mortarium on future residential or commercial buildings on Thursday, to protect the city’s overloaded wastewater treatment system. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny reports.

City officials say the wastewater treatment plant is operating at full capacity, and taxing it further represents a public safety threat.

No new construction projects that require sewer discharge will be permitted, effective immediately.

But ongoing projects with approved permits may continue, as well as projects that don’t require sewer hookups such as interior remodels or buildings that rely on septic systems.

Williams-Grand Canyon News reports it’s expected to take five or six years to expand the treatment plant at a cost of 35 to 40 million dollars. The moratorium will last until 2027 or until it is repealed.

Melissa joined KNAU's team in 2015 to report on science, health, and the environment. Her work has appeared nationally on NPR and been featured on Science Friday. She grew up in Tucson, Arizona, where she fell in love with the ecology and geology of the Sonoran desert.