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Migratory birds make their way through Grand Canyon "Intermountain Flyway" route

National Park Service

The conservation group HawkWatch International is at the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park for its annual migratory bird watch. Hundreds of migrating birds, including hawks and condors, make their way through the park this time of year as they fly south for the winter.

Park officials say the Grand Canyon is part of what’s known as the “Intermountain Flyway” route. For the next several weeks, visitors to the area can see all types of migratory birds from the rim of the canyon.

HawkWatch International will be at Yaki Point daily until October 30, 2023, presenting free public education programs. The nonprofit focuses on conservation and environmental education through “long-term monitoring and scientific research on raptors as indicators of ecosystem health.”

More information is on the NPS website.