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NAU announces new College of Medicine in Flagstaff


Northern Arizona University has announced the creation of a new College of Medicine.

It’s part of an initiative designed to prepare primary care doctors for practice in rural, Indigenous and underserved communities.

According to university officials, the College of Medicine will offer MD degrees for the first time at NAU, and students will be eligible for a tuition coverage program that requires graduates to stay in Arizona.

NAU President Jose Luis Cruz Rivera says the goal is to double the number of degrees awarded by the university in nursing, behavioral health and other areas.

“The holistic approach of NAU Health is poised to strengthen health systems and increase workforce capacity, improving access to care for vulnerable patients and populations in Arizona,” said Cruz Rivera in a press release. “Consistent with NAU’s guiding vision to drive economic mobility and social impact, the initiatives that comprise NAU Health will ensure that all Arizonans have an opportunity for a brighter, healthier future." 

It comes amid a critical shortage of doctors and nurses in Arizona and nationwide, especially in rural areas and among primary healthcare providers.

In June, Arizona State University announced the creation of its own medical school.

The University of Arizona launched its medical school in 1967 and was the state’s first MD degree-granting college.