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Arizona Senate passes two gun-related bills despite opposition from gun-safety advocates

The Arizona State Capitol Building
AP, file
The Arizona State Capitol Building

The state Senate advanced two bills gun-related bills this week.

Senate Bill 1198 would bar the governing board of a university, college or community college from enacting rules that prohibit the possession of a concealed weapon by anyone with a valid concealed carry permit.

It's sponsored by Flagstaff's Sen. Wendy Rogers. The Republican Rogers told a committee SB 1198 is about protecting oneself “in an increasingly dangerous environment — especially college campuses.”

Senate Bill 1189 would disallow local governments from prohibiting gun shows in their cities or counties.

Both bills have faced criticism from gun safety advocates.

The Arizona chapter of Moms Demand Action called the legislation “reckless” and said it will only worsen the ongoing gun violence crisis.

The grassroots group joined with the Arizona chapter of Students Demand Action to urge the House to shut down the proposals and instead focus on passing comprehensive action on gun safety.

“We urge lawmakers in the House to shut down these absurd proposals and pass common-sense measures that give us the tools to thrive, not to be gunned down," Avi Rubin, a volunteer leader with the Arizona State University chapter of Students Demand Action. said. Comprehensive action on gun safety is long overdue.”

Last year, Gov. Katie Hobbs vetoed six gun-related bills, including a measure nearly identical to SB 1198.