KNAU Transmitter: Moving Forward



The new interim transmitter is on the air!

Although we're still operating at greatly reduced power, listeners in Show Low, Payson, Prescott, the Verde Valley and Kingman should have a better signal over their respective repeater stations (listed here). Others will notice an improvement with 88.7 itself.  In fact, we'd really appreciate a signal report if you can spare a minute. Send an email to mentioning where you're listening and if the signal has improved. If you want to mention what kind of radio and antenna you're using, that's helpful too, as is anything else you think of interest. He can't reply to everyone, but your input is really useful. Again, thanks for your patience and your continued support of KNAU.

Thursday April 23 the transmitter for KNAU 88.7 experienced a catastrophic failure. A few spare devices and some engineering skill got us back on the air a few days later at greatly reduced power but it was clear we had a major problem.

The transmitter – 25 years old -- was past the end of its lifespan.

We had planned to replace that transmitter this summer, but those plans went on hold when the pandemic seized everyone’s attention. So when 88.7 failed, at least we had a plan. Not the original one, but some of the work was already done.

A new main transmitter has been ordered. In a few weeks it will arrive in Flagstaff bound for its new Mormon Mountain home. We think mid-July is a reasonable estimate for the final installation.

Now is a good opportunity to mention that all our programming remains available via streaming online at our website Many people enjoy listening on their computer, tablet, or smart device. Using inexpensive wireless headphones, they can even garden, work in the kitchen or office and take KNAU along.

Thanks for your patience and your ongoing support.