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Brewer unimpressed by immigration speech

By Mark Brodie

Phoenix, AZ – Governor Jan Brewer says she wasn't impressed with President Barack Obama's speech this morning on immigration.

The president called for overhauling the country's immigration laws during his address at American University in Washington .and said it would take a bipartisan effort to make it happen. But Governor Brewer says she was hoping for more.

"I came away thinking that it was a very helpless speech in regards to AZ and the US he did a good job describing the failure of the federal government of not doing their job for the past couple of decades but obviously, wants to hold AZ hostage in regards to comprehensive immigration reform with security of the border."

Brewer says she was also disappointed that the president did not address the issue of boycotts. She acknowledges the state has lost a couple of conferences but a gubernatorial task force yesterday recommended Arizona does not need to re-brand itself but instead needs better P-R on what S-B 1070 does.