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Flagstaff's Motor Excellence announces significant layoffs

Motor Excellence is a four year old company developing electric motor technologies.   After more than doubling its workforce in the past year to 56 full time positions, the board decided yesterday to lay off 16 people.  President Jon MrKonich said it was a business decision, so the company could focus getting their core products to market.

"We had been working on different what we call spoke companies," MrKonich said. " One was for generation and one was for large propulsion.  And although we've got some exciting initial results with prototypes, from a business perspective we decided to scale that back and just focus on the three core initiatives we've got.

Motor Excellence's powerful electric or e-bikes will likely be available to European consumers in 20-12, and its robotics technology could be utilized  in prosthetics the following year, helping people walk normally.  Motor Excellence is also working on a 2.5 inch motor.  The company continues to employ 39 full time people, some of whom will build the electric motors which will be exported next year