A federal court has dismissed the Navajo Nation's lawsuit against the U.S. government and Winslow, Arizona over the police shooting of a tribal member.

(Benji Xie via AP)

A Native American tribe has plans to expand internet access on its northern Arizona reservation now that it has a permanent license from the U.S. government.

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A lawyer who filed numerous lawsuits against small businesses claiming violations of disability access laws has been disbarred.

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Democratic Senate candidate Mark Kelly was in northern Arizona on a campaign trip this week.

Poetry Friday: Fostering Love

May 17, 2019
KNAU/Gillian Ferris

May is National Foster Care Month, and unfortunately, Arizona has some pretty grim statistics when it comes to foster care. The state leads the nation in the number of chidlren per capita in group homes or shelters. And about 600 kids are removed from their homes every month by the Department of Child Safety. Foster families play a critical role in the issue. KNAU listener Kristine Pavlik is a foster parent, and in this week's Poetry Friday segment, she and her son Rhys talk about the experience and the foster baby they're about to adopt.