Phoenix – The issue is subsidization. Figures from the regents show that more than one dollar out of every four paid by students goes back out in the form of financial aid to others. That includes not only scholarships based on need but also tution waivers which are granted for various reasons, like good high school grades. That upsets state Rep. Chuck Gray. He noted there have been a series of sharp increases in the last four years, with tuition for Arizona residents now topping $4,400 a year.

courtesy Museum of Northern Arizona

Flagstaff, AZ – For many people, Joella Jean Mahoney's paintings perfectly capture their own images of the Southwestern landscape. Five decades of Mahoney's work are on display now at the Museum of Northern Arizona. But perhaps suprisingly, the influential Arizona painter is not an Arizona native. Mahoney recalled her first day in Flagstaff more than 50 years ago for Arizona Public Radio's Mitch Teich.

Flagstaff – This fall, Chandler became the first city in Arizona to pass legislation regarding public breastfeeding. Since then, several other Arizona cities have begun to examine the issue. Now, the Flagstaff City Council has been asked to consider a proposal to create a city-wide ordinance protecting public breastfeeding. Arizona Public Radio's Gillian Ferris Kohl has this report.